Tomorrow is a news website, launched in 2012 with the aim of taking a bold and honest approach to journalism. Less agenda and sensationalism. More transparency and truth.
In the wake of phone-hacking scandals and serious public questions about the ethics of journalism, Tomorrow stands firm in it’s belief that it’s principles and values must be held firmly on the front page. Something has to change. It wont happen in a day, but with hard work, maybe the day after. A forward-focused attitude to the future of news.
They needed a masthead and an identity that would stand out from the crowd as something different, something with attitude and something that embodied their ambition to always look ahead.
Designed at The Partners
with Rob Ball
The perpetual motion of a calendar
inspires the treatment of Tomorrow.
Constant and always moving forward.
To support the logo we designed a guide
for using the identity online and in print,
including typographic illustrations of the
core principles, as a loose leaf newspaper.

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