An airline that has grown spectacularly every year since relaunching in 2002. No easy feat, at a time when many airlines have struggled in a congested space.
As the brand rapidly expands across Asia-Pacific, the reliance on plastering everything red just wasn’t cutting through the clutter and competing on price alone was no longer an option. AirAsia needed an identity refresh that reflected its bigger bolder, ambition to be seen as a genuine pan-Asian airline brand. After all, it in the name.
We took inspiration from the rich visual tapestry of Asia’s cultures to create a new, bold and cool AirAsia. Less cheap, red wallpaper that the identity had become. More contained, powerful hits of red complimented by bold, graphic patterns, illustrations and photography.
Working closely with the internal brand team, we designed and detailed over 100 applications to make the customer experience cool and consistent across the network.
Designed at The Partners
with Kevin Lan, Tom Lovell, Sam Hall and Leon Bahrani
We defined the visual idea of ‘Red Hot Cool’.
A bold and simple system that touches everything
from purchase and check-in to in-flight and beyond.
Low cost can be cool and funky, not cheap and nasty.
Year of the Dragon Livery 
To celebrate the Year of the Dragon
and the launch of AirAsia’s 100th Airbus,
we created a dramatic dragon livery
for the landmark plane.

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