Hong Kong Art Gallery Week celebrates the rich and diverse art experience available in galleries around the city. Led by the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, a community of 50 galleries join together to promote local artists, and contemporary Chinese/Hong Kong art,
on a global stage. 
From world-class galleries and collections in Central, to little-known gems tucked into the back streets of Soho, there are over 100 events, seminars, tours and talks to attend. In Hong Kong’s beautiful urban jungle the only problem is finding them.
The week needed an identity that would bring together the events and galleries as a cohesive whole, inspire people to explore the city and importantly, help guide them from A to B.
The identity drew inspiration from the city’s unique topography – its natural undulating landscape, its islands, hidden lanes and streets, with galleries woven into the steep
and interesting contours of the city.
Designed at The Partners 
with Sam Hall and Martin Disley
We created maps by combining the unique topography of the land with the typography of its lanes and streets. To create accurate 3D models of the key neighbourhoods, elevation data and street layouts were extracted from Google Maps.
The art maps were used functionally
as pocket maps, city guides and digital maps,
while closer crops created a unique typographic
style for headlines and posters.

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