NET (News-Entertainment-Television) is a free-to-air Indonesian TV channel broadcasting everything from regional news and sports to Hollywood movies.
Launched in Jakarta in 2013, with a big ambition to provide an experience and content that
is progressive, provocative and premium. A brand that embodied the potential of a modern Indonesia, a country that is rapidly evolving, but where TV media remains fairly conservative. NET’s vision was to be the media brand to spark and inspire change.
We visualised the brand as a modern-day take on the radio wave, with NET as the source of news, driving attitudes and opinions. A ripple in a still surface, that causes waves of change.
Working with Hogarth and Neon Sound we created a full suite of on-screen graphics, idents and supporting materials for the broadcast team at NET.
Designed at The Partners
with Neville Hew
Production by Hogarth 
Sound Design by Neon Sound
The ripple is used as a flexible device
on-screen as a transition and a point
of focus for animation. As a static device
it can be subtle and textural or used
as a powerful super graphic.
We created a set of three launch idents
with the ripple forming the logo in different
scenes; entertainment, news and sport.

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